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Readings by Kysta

In this session you will Clear karmic contracts, energetic ties or hooks, heal any physical or emotion wounds, journey to the root of any patterns that you are ready to purge Clear trauma in your subconscious and physical body, restore connection to yourself, gain awareness, restore your personal power and so much more.

About your Practitioner

Krysta was born in the mountains of Maine in 1984. From a young age, she always felt a strong connection to God. In her teenage years Krysta’s spine was severely injured in a car accident. Determined to recover, she healed herself through acceptance, breath, the power of thought, beliefs and raw food. Within one year, she was walking and pain free. She dedicated her life to the power of organic living food and became a raw food and yoga devotee.
In the summer or 2011, Krysta began receiving visitations from her soon to be spiritual teacher in dreams who guided her to a new awareness of consciousness and eventually to Egypt where they met in person. Krysta studied with her for the years to follow, learning healing modalities and the complete conscious understanding of oneness.
Krysta has studied with many great healers and teachers all over the world, learning many modalities for healing and coming back into oneness.
Currently Krysta is a Certified Theta Healing Master Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Intuitive and psychic reader, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, and owner of Lotus Mountain Retreat.

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